I’m Stef, Games Design and Art student at the University of Southampton. This is my Year 2 blog, featuring the GDD for my game:


Along the top of the page is a navigation bar with headers to each section of my GDD document.

  • Home – This will take you the page you are on now and is the first tab on the bar. so if you get lost and want to go back to the home page just click this.
  • Research – This will explain my research from the initial concept for the game and the journey of how got to where I am.
  • GDD – This will be the main body of the introduction to the GDD with pages showing content such as the overview and design goals.
  • Workshop Activities–  The last tab will direct you to the page with all the posts that show the workshop activities done accompanying lectures.
  • Personal Development –  The posts that detail the specialist sections of design I decided to focus on and create for.
  • Artistic Expression – The post showcasing the task “An Artistic Expression”.
  • Summer Work – The post showcasing the work we did over the summer before levelling up to year 2.